How to play

MR. MONOPOLY has taken over Leeds. Your challenge is to complete a series of puzzles with clues hidden in plain sight and calculate the total cost of buying the city back.


Collect your map

Pick up a map from a number of locations. Find which is closest to you on our FAQs page.

Alternatively you can download the map here.


Choose your starting point

Start your game at any place on the board. Each property has a value – don’t forget to jot it down.


Visit a coloured zone and complete the matching puzzle

Clues can be found close by – can you find them all?


Go and collect your stamp

Show your completed puzzle to a cast member. Correct answers earn you a stamp.

Cast members can be found near each token between 10:00 and 16:00 each day.


Make your next move

Explore a new zone, and repeat until your map is complete.

Find out more about what you can find at each street