Leeds city centre is mapped out like the MONOPOLY board and divided up into coloured zones, each with its own life-size MONOPOLY token, with numerous starting points, games to play and attractions to visits.

Puzzle spot
Selfie spot
Prize draw spot

Where to find property price(s)

The Boulevard
The Dockside


Have you paid your income tax? Try your hand at our Income Tax plinko. Can you navigate the plinko pins to get a coin in each of the six lanes?

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Meet Captain Splash

Captain Splash always sea-ses the day! They are in charge of the safety and happiness of their crew. They are modern and up to date with all the latest shipping terminology. They are always ready to take on the next challenge with a smile on their face. They think that anybody can learn the ways of the ocean and take pride in encouraging everyone to be the best they can be. Their version of success is making the world a happier place! They are eager to face new challenges, they pour their heart into their work and they have a great time doing it!

Where to find property price(s)

Cookridge Street
The Headrow
St. Anne's Street

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Meet Quackerz

Quackerz is a traditional hook-a-duck stand runner. They have been travelling with the carnival for many years and have seen a lot of the world in that time. They are charismatic and a born entertainer. They love having fun and telling jokes, but they also have a deep respect for the people around them. They will spend hours on end listening to stories of adventures and have plenty of their own to share too! They love cracking a joke and seeing people smile. Their ducks are the most precious thing in the world to them. They are eccentric and quirky in a charming way. Their years of carnival work have made them an expert hook-a-ducker and they love to show off their skill.

Where to find property price(s)

Boar Lane
Commercial Street

Community Chest

Answer your puzzle correctly at Trinity Leeds to roll the dice where you could win an assortment of exciting incentives, offers and prizes from tenants in the Centre.

Meet Race Cardashian

Race Cardashian is a racing driver, who is passionate about everything sport-related. They love competing but also cheering others on because they believe that it’s the taking part that matters the most. In their day-to-day life, their work-ethic is super high and they never sit still, but when they reach the start-line for a race, they are cool, calm and collected. They’re energetic and enthusiastic and they encourage others but never push too hard. They are confident in their abilities, and see themselves as somewhat of a sporting hero. They believe in helping people up, never pushing people down. They have a slight swagger in their step, but it’s playful and not arrogant.

Where to find property price(s)

George Street
Harewood Street


Answer your puzzle correctly at Victoria Gate for a chance to spin-the-wheel where you could win an assortment of exciting incentives, offers and prizes from tenants in the Centre.

Meet Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is an icon in the fashion industry. They are an accomplished fashion designer with their own clothing line. They are creative, bold and forward-thinking. They usually lean towards modern twists on classic designs. They use fashion as a tool to express themselves, but they are not conceited or vain. They are very charitable and always do their best to support causes big and small. They are very observant, and notice the beauty in the every-day aspects of life. Even though they are very successful in their career, they believe it is more important to be a good person. Their smile and laugh are infectious, they are a happy person who loves making others happy too. They love fashion and they’re up to date on all the trends, but they’re also humble and believe the truest beauty comes from within.

Where to find property price(s)

Merrion Way
Wade Lane
Woodhouse Lane

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Meet Heeland Bootson

Heeland Bootson is a kindly old cobbler who is devoted to their craft. They enjoy a slower pace of life, and reminiscing on the past. They have been unlucky in love, and dream of meeting their sole-mate. They’re a child at heart who loves to try new things, and will often get involved in light-hearted mischief in order to make people smile. They have a gentle and calm nature, that makes them especially good at dealing with people who may be feeling shy or quiet. They love having a good talk with people and really getting to know them. They’re a very good sport who can get along with anyone. They have lived a long and full life, and so they do not judge others. They have a quick wit and a wicked sense of humour that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Where to find property price(s)

Call Lane
Cloth Hall Street
Crown Street


Go to jail in Leeds Corn Exchange with a special selfie spot housed on the lower ground floor. Pay a visit and it won’t cost you £50 to get out!

Meet Spince Icle

Spince Icle is the owner of a local laundrette. They take great pride in their work, and are considered far and wide to be the best in the business due to their love of tradition and openness to try new things. They have a great rapport with people, and are loved by everyone they meet. Their love for neatness and tranquility means they stick firmly to all rules and regulations. They are a natural leader, who is not afraid to get stuck in and often finds themself going above and beyond to provide high-quality service. Everything they do always has the air of professionalism – you’ll never catch them gossiping or airing other’s dirty laundry. They are quick witted, charming and confident. You may think they’d hate mess but it’s quite the opposite, they don’t take things too seriously and are happy to muck about so long as everything eventually returns to order!

Where to find property price(s)

Albion Street
Dortmund Square
Merrion Street

Meet Dee Attenbarrow

Dee Attenbarrow is a green-fingered, no-nonsense gardener. They have travelled the world and observed many plant species. They love experimenting with what they can grow. They are quirky and kind and nurture people as well as plants. They have their head in the clouds half of the time as they’re dreaming up new planting plans, but if they’re needed down on earth then they listen keenly and with intense focus. They are happiest outside, tending their plants and soaking up nice weather with a cup of tea and their puzzle book. They want to encourage all young people to get into gardening and try growing something!

Where to find property price(s)

King Edward Street
Vicar Lane

Meet Pawcasso

Pawcasso is a highly skilled dog groomer, who is always coming up with cutting-edge trims for all their clientele. They have a kind soul, and like all hairdressers, they are very good at listening and they give wonderful advice. They are creative and artistic and they use these skills to dream big! They spend most of their time around furry friends rather than people. Above all they love animals and care passionately about taking good care of them. They are generous when it comes to giving out treats and will take any opportunity to pamper a pet! They are playful and excitable and enjoy a game of fetch just as much as the pup they’re playing with!

Buzz Wire

Don’t get caught out by not paying your Super Tax! Give our Super Tax buzz wire game a go. You’ll need a steady hand to move the diamond ring from one end to the other.

Where to find property price(s)

Leeds City Station: North Concourse

Where to find property price(s)

Leeds City Bus Station: Dyer Street entrance

Where to find property price(s)

Leeds Dock

Where to find property price(s)

Granary Wharf

Where to find property price(s)

Wellington Place: Wagon Lifting Hoist

Where to find property price(s)

Electric Press

Where to find property price(s)

Granary Wharf

Weekend prize draw

Visit the red hotel at The Junction on a weekend, including August Bank Holiday Monday, to be in with a chance of winning one of six weekend getaway prize packages to Leeds or London. Simply jot down your answer to the question posed to you by a cast member on one of our postcards. Lucky winners will be drawn the next working day.